Competence Assurance


Ocean Maxwell is an established supplier of individual consultants and project personnel to the oil & gas industry. Performance and continuous development of resources are therefor our top priority.

By competence development of resources within specialist or future important focus areas, customers are secured access to a larger number of competent personnel for their future challenges.

Compass (Competence Assurance system) is our consultant database, and together with our CARE-program (Consultant support) we invest in individuals and teams to achieve good results for our clients.

All consultants have their own profile mapping their competence. The competence mapping is used to ensure correct competence level regards to requirements for the specific position. Competence level is a result of education, skills, courses and working experience. For background check in the recruitment process, we use Semac As.

Mandatory certificates and training for working in the offshore industry

In order to travel offshore and work on the Norwegian Continental Shelf one must have approved health certificate, Basic safety and emergency preparedness course, WP and SJA course and Well Control Certificate –IWCF.

Offshore Health Certificate: Everyone going offshore, both offshore workers and visiting personnel must have an approved health certificate. Offshore health certificates are valid for two years. Follow link to full overview of approved petroleum doctors in Norway.

Basic safety and emergency preparedness course:
This course is mandatory for all offshore working personnel and must be refreshed every four years. Follow link to list of approved training centers in Norway.

Together for Safety – WP and SJA course: This is an interactive PC course developed by Together for Safety. The course is mandatory for all offshore working personnel and must be completed by staff before going offshore. It covers procedures for work permits (WPs) and safe job analyses (SJAs). Follow link to access the interactive WP and SJA course.

Over 250 courses for the oil and gas industry are now available for booking on

Well Control Certificate – IWCF: IWCF has over 200 accredited training centers worldwide providing in-depth and practical well control training. Follow link to find all IWCF centers.